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The house of the Eagles (Cuauhcalli) at Malinalco. The City, conquered by Axayacatl in 1476, became a fortress, called the Eagles Nest, on the border of the Purepecha Empire. The Temple, built by Ahuizotl, served as Mexica (Aztec) military religious life and was headquarters for the orders of the Eagle and Jaguar Knights. It is also thought to have been used for complex initiation ceremonies for the young warriors who had proven themselves in the battlefield. 

No admires a los extranjeros, admirate a ti mismo por ser mexicano.


Las musas de Emilio Fernández. Exposición Under the Mexican Sky: Gabriel Figueroa—Art and Film

PAUL STRAND (1890-1976) - Boy, Hidalgo, Mexico, 1933

The Totonac Civilization - Diego Rivera

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Niñas chinantecas de la región de la cuenca del Papaloapan
hoy Emiliano Zapata cumple 135 años ( 8 Agosto de 1879) nacío en San Miguel Anenecuilco en el estado de Morelos.